Culinary Schools in Maryland

Maryland typically is not the first state that comes to mind when one thinks of food, but it is gradually making a name for itself among foodie circles. Wedged between the North and South, Maryland is a melting pot of culinary influences. The sprawling metropolis of Baltimore is home to world-class restaurants and has begun to receive national recognition for its vibrant food scene. If you are interested in forging a career as a chef in a burgeoning food destination, consider attending one of the culinary schools in Maryland.

Maryland is famous for its seafood, which hails from the Chesapeake Bay and the coastal Atlantic waters. However, students at Maryland culinary schools learn to prepare not only coastal cuisine, but also many other types of dishes. Courses may discuss everything from food preparation and presentation to restaurant management, nutrition, and food safety.

From catering to restaurant management, culinary degrees prepare you for a variety of careers in the field. Thriving cities that offer job opportunities for graduates of MD culinary schools include Baltimore, Gaithersburg, Columbia, Silver Spring, and Frederick. Explore the schools featured below to start building your future in the culinary arts industry.

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