Culinary History & Trends

10 Mouthwatering Cooking Vacation Destinations

Culinary and Cooking Vacations

Rather than soaking up rays on the beach during your next vacation, how about picking up some international cooking skills? From food tours to cooking classes, culinary vacations allow you to explore new locales with your palate while expanding your gastronomic expertise. Below are 10 mouth-watering destinations for cooking vacations that are well worth a […]

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8 Famous Bad Boy Chefs Who Make Fires in and Out of the Kitchen

Famous Celebrity Bad Boy Chefs

The original celebrity chefs were calm, soft-spoken, and proper characters like Julia Child. These days, a growing number of celebrity chefs have attracted attention for their “bad boy” attitudes and behavior. Below are 8 bad boy chefs (and girls) who have made waves in popular culture. 1. Gordon Ramsay The number one top earning celebrity […]

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8 Reasons to Love Paula Deen Even Though She’s a Racist

Love Paula Deen

Celebrity chef and cooking show television host Paula Deen is a polarizing figure. She exudes Southern warmth and hospitality, but she is often criticized for touting fattening, unhealthy foods–especially in light of her diabetes diagnosis. More recently, Paula Deen has been accused of racism, which has attracted the wrath of many Americans. A former manager […]

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Casual Fine Dining Shakes Up The Kitchen

Casual chic culinary food

In 1982, Wolfgang Puck opened his now-famous restaurant Spago in West Hollywood. It didn’t take long for this elegant-yet-casual space to become a Hollywood hot spot; the menu featured high-quality ingredients that were beautifully presented, and focused on Mr. Puck’s unique California-flavored concoctions influenced by a mix of various ethnic cuisines, from American to Mexican […]

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Ethnic Cuisine is Hot: Make Mine Spicy

Jerk Chicken with Rice

It’s not big news anymore; Americans love to eat out. With restaurants having become a multi-billion-dollar industry, as well as the second largest employer in the nation (second only to the U.S. government), it’s clear that we look forward to having someone else cook our meals for us. But the flavor of dining out has […]

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Everything that You Need to Know About NYC Restaurant Week

NYC Restaurant WEEL

New York City Restaurant Week is a biannual New York City tradition that has been embraced by New Yorkers and tourists alike. Participating restaurants offer prixe fixe, three-course lunches and dinners, which allow customers to enjoy a meal at a fine dining establishment at a fraction of the usual cost. Restaurant Week in NYC is […]

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History of Food Trucks

History of food trucks

Food trucks, or mobile venues that sell food, are a staple in America’s culinary landscape and have become increasingly trendy in recent years. Nearly three million food trucks troll our streets. The history of food trucks in America can be traced all the way back to the late 17th century, when push carts serving food […]

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The History of Angel Food Cake

Angel food cake history

The classic story behind the name “Angel Food Cake” is that this dessert is so white, light, and fluffy it must be fit for angels. Who thought up this name? No one knows. It is known from the study of old cookbooks that cake recipes with the name “angel food” began showing up in American […]

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The History of Cheesecake

History of cheesecake

That delightful treat, the cheesecake, can be found today at nearly every restaurant. There are a thousand different recipes for cheesecake, and the only consistent ingredient you’ll find in any of them (other than sugar!) is cheese. Typically, cream cheese, Neufchatel, cottage cheese, and ricotta are used. The earliest history of the art is lost, […]

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The History of Crepes Suzette

Crepes Suzette

Crepes Suzette is probably the most famous crepe dish in the world. In a restaurant, a “crepe suzette” is often prepared in a chafing dish in full view of the guests. They are served hot with a sauce of sugar, orange juice, and liqueur (usually Grand Marnier). Brandy is poured over the crepes and then […]

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The History of Fruitcake

Fruitcake history

Fruitcake has become a quintessential Christmas dessert. The history of fruitcake dates back to Roman times, when fruitcake recipes contained pomegranate seeds, raisins, and pine nuts mixed into barley mash. Today’s fruitcakes are heavy cakes made with sugar, flour, eggs, chopped candied fruit or dried fruit, nuts, and spices. Learn more about fruitcake history to […]

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What is a Gastropub?: Definition & History

What is a gastropub?

What is a gastropub? A gastropub is a bar that also serves high-quality cuisine. Gastropubs, which offer gastronomy in a pub setting, have become extremely popular in recent years. Maturing palates combined with the effects of the recession have led to the growth of the gastropub trend. Chefs are now leaving fancy restaurants behind, trading […]

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What is Craft Beer?: Definition & History

What is Craft Beer?

Craft beer is all about returning to the old ways of beer making. Just like there are thousands of different wines made by wineries in different regions, there are just as many varieties of craft beers. Read on to learn about the definition of craft beer and understand why it has become a popular movement […]

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What is Molecular Gastronomy?: A Definition & Short History

Moelcular Gastronomy Definition

What is molecular gastronomy? Molecular gastronomy is defined as the study and application of chemistry, physics, and other scientific principles on cooking. As part of a sub-discipline of food science that is characterized by avant-garde cooking techniques, molecular gastronomists study the chemical-physical processes that take place when you cook food. Some innovations that the movement […]

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What is Tapas Food?: Tapas Definition & History

Tapas Definition

In Spain, dinner is typically served between 9pm and 11pm, which has contributed to the popularity of tapas. Often accompanied by wine, tapas are small savory dishes consisting of a wide variety of appetizers, snacks or finger food. If you are curious about the history and definition of tapas food, continue reading to explore this […]

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What is the Farm-to-Table Movement?

Farm to table movement

One of the biggest trends in the culinary world today is the farm-to-table movement. The phrase “farm to table” is a buzzword referring to food made with locally sourced ingredients. Our society is in a rapid state of technological innovation, which means that we often compromise health and nutrition for the sake of convenience, hence […]

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