Culinary Careers

Craving the Comestible? Resume Recommendations for Culinary Scholars

Born and raised in the Midwest, I have become accustomed to the taste of a great steak.  Aside from the flavor, the various cuts and presentations, the thing about a steak that leads me back to them time after time is that each steak is its own work of art…prepared especially for me!  I think […]

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How to Become a Restaurant Manager: Forge a Career in Dining

How to Become a Restaurant Manager

Restaurant managers, also called food service managers, are responsible for ensuring that restaurants operate efficiently and profitably while keeping customers satisfied with the dining experience. Not only are restaurant managers required to maintain a restaurant’s business performance, they are also tasked with maintaining high standards for food, service, health, and safety. If you love food […]

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How to Become a Baker: Letting Your Career Proof and Rise

How to Become a Baker

Bakers sell bread and bread products. They wake up early in the morning and bake the fresh loaves, pastries, and other treats we all love to eat. Although today’s bakers rely on advanced machinery and technology to prepare dough and bake bread, baking is a practice that has been around since ancient times. In the […]

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What Are the Different Types of Chefs?: From Short-Order Cook to Executive Chef

Different types of chefs

So, you dream of becoming a chef? Perhaps, you have seen chefs on television cooking up delectable goodies and wowing audiences. Or maybe you grew up experimenting in the kitchen and preparing your family’s meals. But how do you make this dream a reality? Before you embark on your culinary career, you must first consider what […]

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Top 10 Celebrity Chefs

10 top celebrity chefs

Most chefs go into the culinary field not to become rich and famous, but to pursue their calling. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, chefs earn a median annual income of $40,630 per year. While this might seem like a reasonable salary for the average population, it pales in comparison to what celebrity chefs […]

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Being a Food Stylist: The Art of Food Presentation

Being a food stylist

While most folks interested in the Culinary Arts choose to work in the kitchen as chefs, there are a few others that are interested in the more unusual culinary careers that are out there. One of those is being a Food Stylist. What Does a Food Stylist Do? Food stylists combine culinary art and science […]

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How to Become a Pastry Chef or Pâtissier: How Sweet It Is

How to become a pastry chef

Who doesn’t love dessert? If you enjoy making them as well as eating them, have you considered a career making breads, pies, chocolates, candy, cookies, ice cream and cake? If so, you’ll be happy to know that there is a growing demand for food industry professionals, and pastry chefs in particular. There are many excellent […]

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The Big Boss: A Day In The Life of the Executive Chef


Many aspiring chefs dream of the day they finish climbing the kitchen ladder and end up at the top: running their own kitchen as the Executive Chef. Young chefs often long for the day that they are the ones that choose the menu and get the glory when someone sends compliments to the chef. Long […]

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The Culinary Arts: A Day in the Life of a Sous Chef

Sous chefs

In the kitchens of fine dining restaurants around the world, the Executive Chef may be the one that dreams up the dishes and plans the menu, but it’s the Sous Chef—the second in command—that actually makes sure the food goes from the kitchen to your plate. Sous Chefs not only do the actual cooking; they […]

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From Cook to Chef to Director: Profile of Laura Gedicks

Chef in culinary school kitchen

Laura Gedicks wasn’t sure what she wanted to do as a career when she was younger. “I had bounced around a lot of different schools, and spent a summer traveling,” she says. But that was before her grandmother showed her a brochure about a culinary program at Seattle Central Community College. “At the time I […]

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Out Of The Office and Into The Fire: Chef Meredith Dornin

Female chef

Meredith always wanted to be a chef, but she bent to pressures after high school and pursued a traditional four-year degree instead. “I got my bachelor’s degree and then worked at a few less than inspiring office jobs before I got my act together and realized that if I didn’t challenge myself and find out […]

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A Day in the Life of a Culinary Specialist: The Station Chef

Station chef

At a fine restaurant, your meal comes to the table looking scrumptious and delectable. Everything is cooked just so, and it’s all warm and ready to be devoured. But how does the food go from the restaurant’s refrigerator all the way to your plate? Well, first, the Executive Chef creates the menu. Then, the Sous […]

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Charting a Successful Culinary Career

Culinary Career Options

What else can you do with a cooking degree (besides open a restaurant)? You love to cook; garlic essence smells better to you than an expensive French perfume; your friends and family say you should have a restaurant (well, maybe not your family); and right now you’re seriously studying the choice of the best culinary […]

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Profile of a Culinary Professional

Culinary Professional

Stephanie Hersh defined her career goal of being a pastry chef at the age of 6 with the gift of a Betty Crocker Easy-Bake Oven. It was simplistic cause and effect: She produced the sweet offerings from batters, and everyone fluttered around telling her she was “terrific.” She figured this could last her whole lifetime […]

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