Catering Schools: Get a Taste for Success

Catering schools

Catering classes prepare students for various aspects of the catering industry, from preparing food to planning, organizing, and developing food and beverage services. Potential careers for graduates of catering programs include catering manager, caterer, and catering server. If you have a passion for food and drink, consider attending a catering school and learn what it takes to run a successful catering company.

Catering Training Options

Available from the Certificate to Bachelor’s Level

Offered by technical schools and traditional universities, catering training is available at the certificate, associate’s, and bachelor’s degree level and may also be combined with related majors, such as restaurant management or culinary arts. Certificates and associate’s degrees in catering qualify candidates for entry-level positions, but a growing number of employers prefer hiring candidates who have at least a bachelor’s degree.

Programs Can Take From a Few Months to Four Years

Certificate programs can take form a few months to a year, whereas associate’s degrees take about two years to complete, and bachelor’s degrees take four years to complete. Some catering programs allow students to complete select courses online, but as the training tends to be hands-on, most courses must be completed in person.

Catering Classes and Curriculum

Combining Cooking and Business Focus

The best catering programs combine art, science, craft, and business, providing comprehensive training in all aspects of catering and catering management. Practical work typically forms a large part of successful catering courses. Lessons may include planning, cooking, and serving a wide variety of foods in different situations. Students are also required to complete theory tasks that back up their practical skills.

Topics Catering Classes Might Discuss

  • Fundamentals of classical cooking techniques
  • American & ethnic cuisine
  • Menu development & pricing
  • Sanitation & safety
  • Catering & event management
  • Human resource management
  • Nutrition
  • Service management & training
  • Food service financial management
  • Catering laws

Job Opportunities for Catering Training Program Graduates

Types of Jobs in Catering Industry

Catering professionals qualify for job opportunities in business, education, industry, hospitality, the armed forces, and more. Catering managers are responsible for the overall operation of catering facilities, which means they have to run catering facilities during events and handle preparation and cleanup before and after events.

Catering Skills Requirements

To apply for catering management jobs, you need a comprehensive background in catering, culinary arts, and restaurant management, as well as relevant work experience. Qualities and skills that are valuable to have in catering management careers include customer service skills, the ability to motivate and manage staff, the ability to stay calm under pressure, good communication skills, and a well-organized and methodical approach. Your experience as a catering manager could lead to regional management positions or opportunities in related areas like restaurant management.

Catering Salary and Job Outlook

While the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not report on the salary for catering managers specifically, they note that the median annual wage of food service managers as a whole was $47,960 in 2012. Employment opportunities for catering managers are expected to be competitive, as fewer eating establishments and banquet halls are anticipated to open in the coming decade.

Catering is a hands-on occupation that requires a strong foundation in the culinary arts and business. Develop an excellent understanding of the catering industry and gain the practical skills that employers are looking for by enrolling in catering classes . If you would like to transform your love of food into an exciting, fast-paced career, explore catering schools on our site today.

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