Baking and Pastry Chef Schools: Sweeten Your Baking Skills

Bakin and pastry schools

Take a proud step forward towards a successful career as a baker by enrolling at a baking and pastry school. Drawing from the baking and pastry traditions of Italy, France, Switzerland, and Austria, as well as contemporary America, baking schools prepare students to become artists and technicians. In baking classes, students learn how to create sumptuous pastry specialties, desserts, and breads. If you would like to learn how to prepare an array of baked goods and desserts while advancing your career in the culinary arts, explore baking and pastry colleges now.

Pastry and Baking Education Requirements

Pastry and Baking Degree Levels

Pastry arts schools offer degrees at the associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s level. It takes approximately two years to earn an associate’s degree, four years to earn a bachelor’s degree, and two additional years to earn a master’s degree. The prerequisites for pastry arts programs at the undergraduate level are usually a high school diploma or GED, letter of recommendation, and experience in food service.

Online Pastry Arts Schools

Baking and pastry programs are generally not available online because they require hands-on, in-person training. However, those who already hold an associate’s degree in baking and pastry arts have the option to pursue a hospitality management bachelor’s degree online if they would like to qualify for management roles.

What is the Curriculum at Pastry and Baking School?

Baking and pastry arts programs combine theory, practical training, and industry experience. From decorating cakes, to preparing artisan breads, to matching ingredients and creating new desserts, students are armed with a variety of skills. Chef instructors typically teach the classes, helping students acquire the knowledge necessary to succeed as professional bakers or pastry chefs, such as proficiency in preparation procedures, presentation techniques, food safety, and production methods.

Pastry and Baking Classes You Might Take

  • Baking ingredients & equipment technology
  • Baking & pastry techniques
  • Food safety
  • Nutrition
  • Introduction to gastronomy
  • Hearth breads & rolls
  • Principles of design
  • Specialty breads
  • Wine studies
  • Contemporary cakes & desserts
  • Menu development

Externships in Professional Kitchens and Bakeries

Pastry arts students are typically required to complete externships in order to put their skills into action in a real-world setting. During externships, students learn first-hand how to prepare an array of breads, desserts, confections, and chocolates at restaurants, hotels, catering kitchens, and other culinary enterprises. Not only do externships allow students to practice their skills in real-time in an actual kitchen, they often turn into job offers and help students build their professional network.

Career Opportunities for Graduates of Pastry Arts Schools

Whether you dream of opening your own bustling bakery or you would like to prepare beautiful desserts for an upscale hotel, earning a degree in baking and pastry arts can help you achieve your career goals. Pastry arts graduates may qualify for a range of job opportunities, including the following:

What is it Like to Be a Baker or Pastry Chef?

Bakers and pastry chefs typically have to wake up early and complete most of their work before lunchtime. The duties of a pastry chef might include managing kitchen staff, ordering ingredients and supplies, preparing equipment for baking, measuring and weighing ingredients, setting oven temperatures, applying glazes, and more.

Settings in which pastry arts graduates may find work include hotels, independent bakeries, restaurants, grocery stores, bistros, cafes, and private clubs. Some also work in manufacturing facilities that produce bread and pastries in large quantities.

Job Outlook for Bakers and Pastry Chefs

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, bakers earned a median annual wage of $23,140 in 2012, and chefs, including both pastry and savory chefs, earned $40,630. The employment of chefs and bakers is expected to grow at a slower than average rate from 2012 to 2022. As a result, there will be strong competition for jobs, especially at upscale establishments, so having a degree could enhance your job prospects.

Start Exploring Baking and Pastry Colleges Today

If you are detail-oriented, creative, and thrive in a fast-paced environment, a job in baking and pastry arts may be right for you. Start researching baking and pastry schools on our site today to prepare for success as a professional baker or pastry chef.

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