Culinary Schools in Washington

Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Washington is a prime location to study the culinary arts. Seattle is known the world over for its bustling farmer’s markets, world-class restaurants, and delectable seafood. If you are drawn to the fascinating world of the culinary arts and relish the idea of expressing your creativity through food preparation, consider enrolling in a culinary school in Washington.

Washington culinary schools provide students with hands-on food preparation and instruction in contemporary and classical cuisine amidst a thriving culinary landscape. Students gain skills in many facets of the food service industry and leave equipped with the knowledge of business management, communication, and customer service required to thrive in today’s commercial kitchens.

Graduates are typically prepared to work at restaurants, catering companies, cafeterias, delis, bakeries, hospitals, and more. Depending on the focus of your studies, entry to mid-level jobs that you may qualify for include chef, sous chef, pastry chef, restaurant manager, sommelier or food scientist. Explore the WA culinary schools listed below and inquire about the programs that interest you today!

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