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Whether you want to become a chef or pursue a management role in the food industry, culinary schools in Virginia can help you reach your career goals. Quintessential coastal cuisine, swanky urban restaurants, and an abundance of local ingredients have made Virginia a haven for chefs and foodies alike. While a degree is not vital to pursuing a career in the culinary arts, culinary degrees can increase your marketability.

There are numerous Virginia culinary schools where students with a passion for food can develop a command for classic and contemporary culinary methods. Courses that students might take include food safety, seafood identification and fabrication, menu development, and so much more. Students typically complete an externship to obtain hands-on experience through working in a real-world restaurant setting, allowing them to put their theoretical knowledge to practice.

After graduating from VA culinary schools, students may find employment as sous chefs, pastry chefs or eventually executive chefs. Outside of the kitchen, culinary arts degree holders could open their own establishment, manage a successful restaurant or become a food stylist. Some Virginia locations known for their cuisine include Newport News, Arlington, Alexandria, Richmond, Williamsburg, and Virginia Beach. Learn more about the schools below to start on your path to a culinary career.

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Learn More Culinary Institute of VA
An accomplished culinary professional is many things…chef, business person, and host, to name but a few. ECPI University’s School of Culinary Arts,…
Learn More Virginia College
Virginia College is a private institution of higher education committed to offering associate degrees, diploma courses, and baccalaureate degrees…
Virginia College accepts 2013 graduates and prior. Bachelor's Degree required for Master's programs. Virginia College Online does not accept inquiries from NE, AR, DC, PR, or NJ.

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