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Love Paula Deen

8 Reasons to Love Paula Deen Even Though She’s a Racist

Celebrity chef and cooking show television host Paula Deen is a polarizing figure. She exudes Southern warmth and hospitality, but she is often criticized for touting fattening, unhealthy foods–especially in light of her diabetes diagnosis. More recently, Paula Deen has been accused of racism, which has attracted the wrath of many Americans. A former manager […]

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Wine Studies School

Wine Studies School: Get More Out of Every Sip with a Beverage Management Degree

If you would like to build a career in the world of wine and spirits, you will need to pursue education in the intriguing field of wine studies. Wine education classes prepare you for a variety of careers including sommelier, wine supervisor, beverage manager, wine sales representative, and so much more. Some wine schools require […]

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How to Cook a Leg of Lamb

How to Cook a Leg of Lamb: Preparing An Easter Favorite

Relatively easy to prepare for small or large groups, lamb is one of the most popular centerpieces for Easter lunch, second only to ham. Lamb meat is commonly served during Greek Easter celebrations, but it has gained popularity all over the world. If you would like to know how to cook leg of lamb, follow […]

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Hospitality Management Degrees

Hospitality Management Degrees: Training Tomorrow’s Hospitality Leaders

Hospitality management schools prepare students to work in the multi-billion dollar hospitality industry. Whether you want to advance your existing hospitality career, start your own hotel or restaurant or become an event manager, hospitality management colleges allow you to pursue a host of challenging opportunities. If you would like to earn a degree that opens […]

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7 Pi Day Pie Recipes: Have Your Pie and Eat It Too

Pi Day is an annual holiday commemorating the mathematical constant pi. Officially supported by the US House of Representatives in 2009, Pi Day is celebrated on March 14, because 3, 1, and 4 are the most significant digits of pi in decimal form. The earliest known celebration of Pi Day took place in 1988 at […]

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