Culinary Schools in Nevada

Although Nevada boasts a desert landscape, the state’s restaurant scene is far from barren. Las Vegas attracts approximately 40 million tourists each year and restaurants on the Strip alone employ about 35,000 people. Thanks to Nevada’s thriving food scene, students at Nevada culinary schools have the opportunity to be surrounded by renowned chefs, five-star restaurants, and some of the nation’s most innovative dining establishments while pursuing their degrees.

Culinary arts programs typically culminate in a certificate or degree at the associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s level. Students at NV culinary schools may learn the art and science of cooking in industry-equipped kitchens and practice their skills in simulated restaurant environments. Once they near completion of their training, students can complete real-world externships at local restaurants.

In addition to learning how to creatively prepare any style of cuisine, students develop the skills to pursue a variety of culinary careers in restaurants, hotels, casinos, private homes, and more. Take the first step toward your future by exploring culinary schools in Nevada on our site today.

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