Culinary Schools in Nebraska

Nebraska holds massive appeal for food lovers, both those who love to eat food and those who love to prepare it. While Nebraska was once seen as a meat-and-potatoes kind of state, it is also becoming known for its inventive and playful gourmet food scene. Nebraska’s two major cities, Omaha and Lincoln, are home to many culinary schools as well as world-class restaurants.

Culinary schools in Nebraska provide a path to an exciting career in the food world. They award certificates, as well as associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in various culinary disciplines. Areas of study that you can focus on include the culinary arts, baking and pastry arts, and culinary science. Courses that students might take include purchasing and inventory management, sanitary practices, cuisine fundamentals, and international cuisine.

The curriculum at Nebraska culinary schools includes an array of courses designed to prepare graduates for entry-level and mid-level food service positions in the hotel, restaurant, and hospitality industry. Graduates may go on to become chefs, restaurant owners, food writers or food stylists. Request more information from the Nebraska culinary schools featured below to start on the path to a culinary career today.

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