Culinary Schools in Missouri

Contrary to popular belief, Missouri’s local food scene goes far beyond barbecue. Offering a blend of fine dining with lavish presentations and regional eats that conjure up memories of mom’s home-cooked meals, Missouri appeals even to the most discerning of foodies. Students interested in attending culinary schools in Missouri are attracted not only to the top-notch culinary arts programs offered, but also to the burgeoning food movements in cities like Kansas City and St. Louis.

At MO culinary schools, students start out by learning the basics, like kitchen organization, food safety, and foundational food preparation techniques essential to any style of cooking. Once they get the basics down, students typically get a taste of different types of cuisine and start learning the business side of the field.

Like in many other parts of the country, Missouri’s food culture has become increasingly focused on chef-driven restaurants and organic, locally sourced ingredients. Degree programs generally include externships, allowing students to put their skills to practice in a real-world setting while working under the supervision of professional chefs. To take the steps required to build a career in the culinary arts, explore the Missouri culinary schools featured below.

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