Culinary Schools in Hawaii

A fusion of Filipino, Japanese, Polynesian, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, and American flavors, Hawaii’s food culture is a melting pot of Eastern and Western culinary influences. The state’s thriving hospitality and tourism industry makes Hawaii an ideal spot to study the art and science of food preparation.

Culinary schools in Hawaii offer degree programs that blend classroom instruction and hands-on experience in order to teach students how to prepare a variety of cuisines. Areas of study for certificate and degree programs include the culinary arts, baking and pasty arts, and culinary management. In addition to attending formal classes, students of HI culinary schools may also have the opportunity to venture off the beaten path to explore local and regional fare.

From beach resorts to leading gourmet restaurants, there are many establishments in the Hawaiian Islands that hire qualified graduates. To take steps towards an exciting career, start exploring Hawaii culinary schools today!

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