Culinary Careers

Different types of chefs

What Are the Different Types of Chefs?: From Short-Order Cook to Executive Chef

So, you dream of becoming a chef? Perhaps, you have seen chefs on television cooking up delectable goodies and wowing audiences. Or maybe you grew up experimenting in the kitchen and preparing your family’s meals. But how do you make this dream a reality? Before you embark on your culinary career, you must first consider what […]

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10 top celebrity chefs

Top 10 Celebrity Chefs

Most chefs go into the culinary field not to become rich and famous, but to pursue their calling. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, chefs earn a median annual income of $40,630 per year. While this might seem like a reasonable salary for the average population, it pales in comparison to what celebrity chefs […]

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Being a food stylist

The Art of Food Presentation: Being a Food Stylist

While most folks interested in the Culinary Arts choose to work in the kitchen as chefs, there are a few others that are interested in the more unusual culinary careers that are out there. One of those is being a Food Stylist. What Does a Food Stylist Do? Food stylists combine culinary art and science […]

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How to become a pastry chef

How Sweet it is: Becoming a Pastry Chef or Pâtissier

Who doesn’t love dessert? If you enjoy making them as well as eating them, have you considered a career making breads, pies, chocolates, candy, cookies, ice cream and cake? If so, you’ll be happy to know that there is a growing demand for food industry professionals, and pastry chefs in particular. There are many excellent […]

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The Big Boss: A Day In The Life of the Executive Chef

Many aspiring chefs dream of the day they finish climbing the kitchen ladder and end up at the top: running their own kitchen as the Executive Chef. Young chefs often long for the day that they are the ones that choose the menu and get the glory when someone sends compliments to the chef. Long […]

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