7 Unusual Uses for Apples

7 Unusual Uses for Apples

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but that’s far from the only benefit that apples provide. In addition to using apples to make cider, apple pie, and apple cobbler, there are many other things you can do and make with apples. Explore the following unusual uses for apples if you would like to find new and interesting ways to put one of falls favorite fruits to use.

1. Keep Your Cakes Fresh

Whether a cake is store-bought or homemade, you can keep it fresh for longer by storing it with half an apple in the fridge. The apple helps keep the cake moist for longer.

2. Reduce Salt Content in Your Soups

Did you accidentally put too much salt into your soup or stew? Simply put a few apples wedges into the pot and remove them after about 10 minutes. The apple wedges will soak up the excess salt.

3. Make Fruit Leather

Preserve the abundance of fall by using apples to make fruit leather, a delicious and healthy treat that everyone in your family will love. To make fruit leather, you have to simmer apples with water, sugar, lemon juices, and spices over the stove, puree the mixture, spread the mixture onto a lined baking sheet, and dry it in an oven overnight.

4. Apple Facial Mask

Not only can you stuff your face with apples, you can also put apple on your face to reduce the appearance of inflammation, fine lines, and wrinkles. To make a soothing apple facial mask, grate a peeled and cored apple, apply it to your skin, and let it sit for 15 minutes. Rinse your face with warm water afterwards. You can also mix the grated apple with oatmeal, grated cucumber, mint leaves or honey to give your facial mask a boost.

5. Ripen Other Fruits

Apples release ethylene gas, which makes fruits go ripe faster. If you have some fruits you want to ripen more quickly, put them in a paper bag along with a ripened apple. The only fruits that will not ripen with the help of apples are oranges, tangerines, and pineapples.

6. Soften Brown Sugar

You know how brown sugar hardens up when it is in a humid environment? The good news is that you can make brown sugar soft enough to handle and use again with – you guessed it – apples. Put a hardened chunk of brown sugar and an apple wedge in a sealed plastic bag. Put the bag in a dry place for a couple of days, and voila, your brown sugar will be soft again.

7. Apple Candleholders

Yes, you can make adorable tealight candleholders out of apples! Cut a hole into the top of an apple and scoop out the fruit, leaving a hole about the size of a tealight candle that’s slightly more than an inch deep. Pour lemon juice into the hole and let it sit there for five minutes to prevent the flesh of the apple from turning brown so quickly. Add a drop of melted wax to the hole and then insert the candle. Apple candleholders provide a warm glow and release an applelicious aroma.

These are just some unusual uses for apples, but there are many more! The next time you find yourself with a batch of apples, remember that you can do a lot more with the fruit besides eat it. Put these interesting uses for apples to the test to make the most of your apples this fall.