7 Healthy Recipe Websites: Getting Fit for the New Year

Healthy recipe websites

Are you trying to lose weight? If so, using the recipes available on healthy recipe websites could help you achieve your goals. Websites with healthy recipes cater to people on special diets, as well as those who simply want to improve their health and lose weight gradually. Below are seven healthy recipe website recommendations worth checking out.

1. Cooking Light

Cooking Light is a print magazine as well as one of the top healthy recipe sites on the web. Recipe categories include In Season, Quick & Healthy, Vegetarian, Holidays & Occasions, and Everyday Menus. The site also features a quick and easy weeknight meal planner and videos that teach essential cooking techniques.

2. Eating Well

Eating Well is a website dedicated entirely to healthy eating. The site features a vast array of healthy recipes, including low-carb dinner recipes, soup and salad recipes that will help you lose weight, budget-friendly weeknight meals, and healthy super bowl party recipes. The site also features videos, free personalized diet meal plans, and other content that will help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

3. Skinnytaste.com

Skinnytaste.com is not a recipe site per se, but it is a popular food blog written by a food photographer and recipe developer. Skinnytaste.com features a variety of healthy recipes that taste great but help you keep off the weight. The site emphasizes recipes made with seasonal whole foods. Some popular recipes on the site include baked spaghetti squash and cheese, crock pot creamy tomato soup, and Mediterranean quinoa salad.

4. Food Network – Healthy Eating

Who doesn’t love the Food Network? The Food Network offers something for everyone, including the health-conscious among us. The site’s “Healthy Eating” section is dedicated to healthy recipes. Browse recipes for light appetizers, healthy main dishes, and good-for-you desserts.

5. Allrecipes.com

Allrecipes.com mostly features regular recipes, but there is also a “Healthy Recipes” section catering to healthy eaters. Allrecipes.com’s recipes are user-generated and users who try the recipes are encouraged to leave star ratings, reviews, and photos of their creations. Healthy recipe categories featured on the site include low-carb recipes, Paleo recipes, vegetarian recipes, and gluten-free recipes, to name a few.

6. My New Roots

My New Roots is the recipe site of a Canadian holistic nutritionist and vegetarian chef in Denmark. The website’s unconventional recipes emphasize the use of organic vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds.

7. Spark Recipes

Spark Recipes is a recipe website with nearly 500,000 healthy recipes, most of them user-generated. Spark Recipes is part of SparkPeople.com, a major diet and healthy living website. Recipes are categorized based on type of cuisine, dietary needs, occasion, course, and more. The site’s Recipe Calculator allows users to create and share new recipes with ease.

Maintaining a healthy weight can be tough, especially since portions in America are so huge and our busy culture encourages us to eat quick, convenient food on the go. Following delicious, healthy recipes can help you change your diet for the better and achieve lasting weight loss success while having fun in the kitchen. Explore the above healthy recipe websites to discover new ways to prepare your favorite ingredients and develop a healthier relationship with food.